Welcome to the Official Site for Blessed Sacrament Football (BSF) Dawgs

We are a Chevy Chase based program that in 2014 had over 190 kids from 49 different schools covering 21 zip codes in only our 8th year.


The Blessed Sacrament Football program is happy to annoucnce it will be returning to the RFL for the 2015 season. Keep an eye on this website as by the end of June (certainly by July 1) this site will be updated with all the required information for registration. Players will register at this website but there will be other requirements as well. PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!!

Critical Dates and Info:

Generl Information

  • 2015 Registrations!
    • PLAYER REGISTRATION: Registration details will be on this site by July 1. You will register your kids to play for BSF at this website.
    • AGE & WEIGHTS FOR 2015: Use the RFL link to the left to go to the RFL website where you will find the league weights.
    • REGISTRATION FEES: Our registration fee this year will be $270.
    • Equipment Distribution
      • Dates: To be announced in July
      • Equipment Location: the mini storage business located at 3700 Plyers Mill Road, Kensington, MD.
      • What we provide: Like last year, BSF will be distributing ONLY the following equipment pieces at each distribution: 1.) helmet, 2.) shoulder pads. Game pants, game jerseys and practice jerseys will also be provided but given out at practice
      • What parents provice: Parents will be responsible for providing their own practice pants and pads for the pants (these pads will need to be used in both practice pants and game pants). Here are the two options we recommend for your practice pants and lower body pads:
        • Option A: You buy an integrated “girdle”. All the major sporting goods stores sell them (Dick’s, Sports Authority, Modell’s, etc). Basically, the girdle holds the required hip, butt and thigh pads. The player simply pulls the girdle on and then he pulls the practice pants or game pants over the girdle. If you don’t already own practice pants...then you will need to buy those too. The Youth girdles are around $40 but can be used for their entire youth career. The pads are permanently stitched in so you never have to worry about losing pads and you just throw the whole girdle into the wash to clean them. So, most girdles I have seen DO NOT HAVE knee pads in them...so you must buy 2 knee pads separately. Football practice pants (and game pants) have a pocket that will hold the knee pads. So, if you buy a girdle with NO knee pads…be sure to buy a pair of knee pads too. They may be making some girdles now WITH knee pads but that may just be in adult sizes. In any event…make sure you have knee pads.
        • Option B: They also sell at Dicks, Sports Authority, Modells, etc..."integrated" practice pants. That means they sell football practice pants with ALL the pads (including knee pads) permanently stitched in. So in this case, you buy one item and you have the pants, hip pads, butt pad, thigh pads AND THE KNEE pads. You get it all in one shot. Sounds good right...but there is a catch. The pads DO NOT come out of the practice pants and go in the game pants. So, the kids do in this situation is they just pull their game pants (with no pads in them) over the practice pants for games. So, that is certainly an option. The game pants will certainly be snug but they are supposed to fit that way. So, that is your second option and again...the practice pants should be wearable for multiple years.
    • 2015 Season Details:
      • Regardless of the league we pick, we expect practice to begin on Monday, August 10th
      • For the first 3 weeks of August practice we practice 4 days per week (Mon. through Thurs.) from 6:00 to 8:00. In our 4th week of practice (when school starts) we reduce to 2 practices per week (Tues. and Thrus.)
      • As in years past, we require at least 6 practice before you are allowed to play in a game.
      • We plan to continue to practice at Norwood Park in Chevy Chase (4700 Norwood Drive)
      • See our FAQ link to the left for all the important details for the 2015 season.

    Contact Info:

    General Questions:
    Bret Strachan bret.strachan@gmail.com

    2014 Coaches:
    2014 coaches will be solidified in this summer