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We are a Bethesda based program that in 2013 had over 200 kids from 51 different schools covering 21 zip codes in only our 7th year. BSF participates in the Rockville Football League (RFL). To learn more about our program and the league we participate in, please see the links to the left. WEBSITE LAST UPDATED 8-13-14

Critical Dates and Info:

Generl Information

  • 2014 Registrations!
    • PLAYER REGISTRATION: Registration IS STILL OPEN. We still have spots for players in all 4 divisions (Anklebiter, Pony, Pee Wee and Intermediate). When you register, you will see a message that says you are registering for a waiting list and will only be placed on your team of choice if that team has room. As of 8-13-14 we still have room so please don't let that message dissuade you from siging up. If you sign up for Blesses Sacrament and for some reason you don't get to play for us...the BSF program will reimbruse you if the league does not. We are sorry for the confusing message when your register but please know we do still have spots. To register go to http://www.rfl.cc.leag1.com/ and then click the "Register" button. Be sure to select Blessed Sacrament or the "Dawgs" as your team preference so you are placed on our rosters.
    • NEW LEAGUE REGISTRATION RULE!!!: Please note that new RFL rules mean there are no longer any restrictuions on which team you want to play for in the RFL. In fact, you are even allowed to switch teams for valid reasons (like you have moved or other logical reasons). The only restriction on player movement is coaches in a program ARE NOT allowed to recruit players (or coaches) away from other programs...this is a serious offensive with serious penalties associated with it. However, the league will allow waivers for families that have legitimate "logistical" reasons for needing to change. In the past, it was very difficult, if not impossible, to change programs not matter what the circumstances were. The league is trying to take a more reasonable approach to legitimate requests staring this year.
    • NEW WEIGHT RULES FOR 2014!!!: There are some great and important weight changes in the RFL this year that puts the league more in line with other area football leagues. Please note there is no change in the age and weights for ANKLEBITER or PONY. Ages and weights for those divisions is the same as last year. At PEE WEE and INTERMEDIATE the league has adopted a "Red Stripe" rule. The Red Stripe rule allows heavier kids in an age group to play but those kids are not allowed to carry or touch the ball. The heavier kids get a red piece of tape (the red stripe) on the back of their helmets and that means those kids must play on the offensive or defensive lines between the tackles. So, this is a great rule b/c it allows more kids to play tackle football. It also makes the football more realistic for the kids, i.e. bigger kids typically play the on the line while the smaller kids play the positions on the outside. So, it is important to note that while larger kids can play...they can't not carry the ball or even play defensive end or linebacker...they must play on the line in the 3-point stance and play between the offensive tackles. So here are the revised weights for Pee Wee and Intermediate (remember that ages are the age of the player on 8/1 this year):
      • PEE WEE (10 year olds that weigh more than 80lbs and all 11 year olds):
        • 130 lbs or less - player can play any position
        • Over 130 lbs. up to a max of 160 lbs. - Red Stripe player
      • INTERMEDIATE (12 and 13 year olds):
        • 155 lbs or less - player can play any position
        • Over 155 lbs. up to a max of 195 lbs. - Red Stripe player
    • REGISTRATION FEES: The league set fee FOR ALL PLAYERS is $205 per player this year. This fee covers the use of the games fields, referees, game day organziers, etc. Additionally, every player will get a high quality Game Jersey with matching Game Pants and a practice jersey that they keep at the end of the season. Here are some additional registration notes:
      • When you register you will select the sizes for your game jersey and game pants.
      • Blessed Sacrament needs to charge and additional fee to cover our operating expenses which include equipment purchases/maintenance, practice field fee, insurance, etc. The additoinal fee to play for BSF will be $60.
      • You may notice when registering that some other teams cost less than BSF such as the Bears or Steelers or Raiders. This is because those teams use the RFL's equipment while BSF owns and maintains our own equipment. This may seem odd or unfair, but it is simply a matter of those organization being long time RFL programs that have always gotten their equipment from the league while BSF is a newer program to the league that had to purchase their own equipment. While it is more expensive, there are many advantage to owning your own equipment, first and foremost, our equipment is very nice.
      • The additional $60 fee is paid to the RFL at the time of registration and then the RFL reimburses that additional amount to the BSF program. See more information below about our equipment and how/when we distribute it.
  • 2013 was our 7th year and it was a landmark year for BSF! The RFL has 7 Super Bowl titles in play and in 2013...BSF is the first program in league history to have a team playing in all 7 Superbowls. Congratulations to Pony Army Blue and Pee Wee Army Blue for Super Bowl winning seasons.

Other Important Dates:

  • Equipment Distribution
    • Dates: Practice starts Monday, August 11 and equipment will be distributed each Monday 30 minutes prior to practice until everyone has equipment.
    • Equipment is located in the office building at 8401 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 (equipment is stored on the lower level where the Tavaria Restaurant is. Just follow the signs for Tavaria and you will find the equipment location)
    • Like last year, BSF will be distributing ONLY the following equipment pieces at each distribution: 1.) helmet, 2.) shoulder pads. (Note: game pants, game jersey and practice jersey will be given out at practice)
    • Parents will be responsible for providing their own practice pants and pads for the pants (these pads will need to be used in both practice pants and game pants). Here are the two options we recommend for your practice pants and lower body pads:
      • Option A: You buy an integrated “girdle”. All the major sporting goods stores sell them (Dick’s, Sports Authority, Modell’s, etc). Basically, the girdle holds the required hip, butt and thigh pads. The player simply pulls the girdle on and then he pulls the practice pants or game pants over the girdle. If you don’t already own practice pants...then you will need to buy those too. The Youth girdles are around $40 but can be used for their entire youth career. The pads are permanently stitched in so you never have to worry about losing pads and you just throw the whole girdle into the wash to clean them. So, most girdles I have seen DO NOT HAVE knee pads in them...so you must buy 2 knee pads separately. Football practice pants (and game pants) have a pocket that will hold the knee pads. So, if you buy a girdle with NO knee pads…be sure to buy a pair of knee pads too. They may be making some girdles now WITH knee pads but that may just be in adult sizes. In any event…make sure you have knee pads.
      • Option B: They also sell at Dicks, Sports Authority, Modells, etc..."integrated" practice pants. That means they sell football practice pants with ALL the pads (including knee pads) permanently stitched in. So in this case, you buy one item and you have the pants, hip pads, butt pad, thigh pads AND THE KNEE pads. You get it all in one shot. Sounds good right...but there is a catch. The pads DO NOT come out of the practice pants and go in the game pants. So, the kids do in this situation is they just pull their game pants (with no pads in them) over the practice pants for games. So, that is certainly an option. The game pants will certainly be snug but they are supposed to fit that way. So, that is your second option and again...the practice pants should be wearable for multiple years.
  • 2014 Season Details:
    • 2014 Practice will start on Monday, August 11th
    • REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: BSF has always started practice the 2nd week of August where most all other programs start the first week. For the first time in our history in the league, Labor Day falls on September 1 and the RFL's first week of play in Labor Day weekend. THIS MEANS WE ONLY HAVE 3 WEEKS OF PRACTICE before our first game. This means it is critical that kids get their equipment as soon as possible and make as many preactices as possible. If you miss some August practice, you can still play...just keep in mind players need at least 6 practices before they can play in their first game. In years past we have had 4 weeks and that was tight enough...this year we only have 3 weeks to work with.
    • For the first 2 weeks of August practice we practice 4 days per week (Mon. through Thurs.) from 6:00 to 8:00. Starting the last week of August we reduce to just 2 practices per week (Tues. and Thrus.) NOTE: the last week of August some teams may practice 3 times since that is the week before our first game and some teams may need it to be ready.
    • As in years past, the league requires at least 6 practice before you are allowed to play in a game. We only have 12 practice possibilities total prior to our first game.
    • All practices are at Norwood Park in Chevy Chase (4700 Norwood Drive)
    • See our FAQ link to the left for all the important details for the 2013 season.

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Bret Strachan bret.strachan@gmail.com

2014 Coaches:
2014 coaches will be solidified in this summer